Renaissance Program

Renaissance is a rigorous program that enhances our small high school curriculum. It provides opportunities for all students to design in-depth, credit-bearing, standards-based studies that emerge from individual interests and learning styles. Studies occur within a real-world context and through real-world experiences. Internships, school-to-work opportunities, college courses, community service and/or service learning projects (not part of scheduled classes), school aides, travel abroad, study groups, ILN courses and/or research projects are within the realm of possibilities/options for Renaissance studies. Most Renaissance studies include a mentorship with a professional in the field of study. At the end of each study, after the student’s final presentation, a panel consisting of the student, the mentor, the Renaissance coordinator and a teacher within the field of knowledge appropriate to the study assess the student's learning.

The Vital Results of the Vermont Framework of Standards and Learning Opportunities are at the heart of the Renaissance program. These standards assess communication, problem solving and reasoning, personal development and civic/social responsibility. For those not familiar with the Vermont Standards, the Vital Results include all of the skills, dispositions and habits of mind a student needs to succeed in higher education, professional life and personal life.

Criteria for Passing Renaissance Studies:

Students are expected to make each Renaissance study rigorous for themselves. At the beginning of each study the student must decide whether the study will receive a standards-based grade, a numerical grade or a pass/fail grade. In order to minimally pass a Renaissance study, students must:

  • Submit a study proposal
  • Document their learning and progress. Most Renaissance students create a website to document their work. These websites serve as a portfolio of their studies.
  • Communicate what they have learned at the end of the study via a final presentation or exhibition
  • Exert the effort necessary to maintain the academic rigor expected of that student (this includes meeting with the mentor at least 1-2 hours each week, working independently during the week and attending a Renaissance seminar once a week)

Full-time or Part-time Options:

Renaissance offers two levels for student participation. Most students design one or more studies at a time as a regular Twinfield student. However, students may also opt to be full-time Renaissance students and design their entire high school curriculum through Renaissance. The decision to be a full-time Renaissance student takes a high level of student commitment. Though Twinfield graduation requirements must be met, the path to achieving graduation requirements are meant to meet student needs and vary greatly through Renaissance. Full-time Renaissance students have access to all Twinfield classes and opportunities.

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